About Us

Hampset Roleplay Community was founded in September 2020, based loosely on Hampshire and Dorset police. We have moved from being a small community to being where we are today. We have custom EUP, vehicles and scripts, which means we can provide a place where you can expect high standards while on patrol.

Our leadership teams work tirelessly to make sure that everyones experience is both fun while still having high standards, and the Gold team are always on the look out to make the experience even better. Why not join today and see where your journey takes you?

Our Divisions:

Hampset Police:

Hampset Police is made up of several divisions, these being Response & Patrol, Operational Support Unit, Roads Policing Unit and Armed Response Unit.

Everyone joining Hampset Police will start in Response & Patrol, and after probation can apply for additional trainings and transfers when available. You will be responding to 999 calls, protecting the citizens of Hampset and deterring crime!

Police Control Room:

Our Police Control Room puts you behind the scenes, dispatching all 999 calls coming in! While you start as a trainee dispatcher, when you are a full dispatcher you can apply for additional trainings such as being a Tactical Advisor for either Pursuit or Firearms incidents when they become available.

Hampset Fire and Rescue Service:

Hampset Fire and Rescue stands by 24/7, ready to assist the citizens of Hampset. Our firefighters are trained to a high degree in trainings which means you will be able to deal with any situation.

Backing this up is a fleet that is constantly improving, making sure you have the right equipment for any emergency!

Hampset Ambulance Service:

Hampset Ambulance Service are the team that makes sure when people need medical attention, they receive the highest level of care! With additional trainings available after you pass probation, you will be able to respond in different ambulance categories. This is backed up by a custom EUP and fleet.


Our civilian division are counted on to create challenging and engaging calls for the rest of the divisions, testing each divisions training to make sure they can respond to any situation!